Aura B.

Aura B.

Aurora Broscareanu (born 28 May) known professionally as Aura B is a Romanian singer and songwriter.

Born in Drobeta Turnu-Severin border town with Serbia and here she studied at Ioan St Paulian, musical highschool. She started learning music at an early age starting with the piano and at the age of 13, she started canto-classic. She loved music so much and that’s why she attended 2 different schools where she was studying canto-classic at one of them and modern music at the other.

She didn’t have much time left for any other activity but music. At the age of 14, she attended several competitions where she won different awards and she continued competing ‘till the age of 17 when she decided to finish her high school and move to the capital, to Bucharest to study the University “ International Relations”.

After 2 years, she left the University for her musical career, she was touring around the world and she left the University in second place. She turned back to the University 2 years later where she attended the University of Letters and she finished it with good grades and with an English Language Degree. She left Romania to tour again for 1 year but she wasn’t happy by playing cover songs. She wanted more and by that time she had a few original songs written by herself: “ Locked in Love “, “ Make me feel alive “, “Bugiardo “. In 2013 she went for some tv shows in the United Kingdom( London ) and she loved the British vibe and she decided to move there with her mother because she couldn’t leave her alone in Romania.

For a few years, she had a break from doing music because she started her own business in London and this was taking a lot of her time. In 2019 she went back to Romania for a holiday but instead of having a holiday, this meant to be her returning to her first love: MUSIC and she did her first single with Alex Mica called “ En Tu Mirada” and also the next one with a talented young boy Jurca, called “ Te Recuerdo”. She chose the Spanish language because she loved Spanish telenovels, she is a Latin singer so the language was so familiar and also because she loves this musical genre. In October 2021 she released the new single called “Quedate Aqui” , a song that she wrote from her own life.This song has a message for a special person from hew life.

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